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Want to live in a home where your needs are met, and your welfare is prioritized? Assured Wellness Assisted Living Facilities can be the best choice! Whenever you wish to receive immediate care from compassionate and dedicated care professionals, our assisted living facility is perfect for you! If you are near our area in St. Paul, Minnesota, please do not hesitate to visit us, so we can talk and discuss your care needs.

Assured wellness 245d ICS

We are passionate about providing exceptional support and enriching the lives of individuals in need through our comprehensive 245D services. With a person-centered approach, we provide comprehensive care solutions tailored to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities, ensuring they live fulfilling lives with dignity. Our compassionate and highly trained staff empower independence, foster skill development, and promote self-advocacy. Through collaborative partnerships, we create inclusive communities that embrace individuals, encourage social engagement, and provide opportunities for growth.

  • Individualized Home Supports
  • Independent Living Skills
  • In-Home Family Supports
  • Homemaking
  • Adult Companion Service
  • 24-Home Emergency Assistance
  • Individual Community Living Supports (ICLS)
  • Night Supervision Services
  • Personal Support
  • Respite

How We Can Help You Services We Offer

We offer a wide array of services you can take advantage of inside our facility. Check them out!

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    24-Hour Compassionate Service and Care

    We offer around-the-clock care for our residents.

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    Medical and Mental Health Wellness

    Your medical and mental health is our priority.

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    Medication Administration and Management

    Medication adherence is essential for wellness.

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    View More Services

    Feel free to learn more about the services we offer.

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We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

We are committed to serving every person, family, and community by providing quality care through respect, love, compassion, and knowledge.

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