We are dedicated to serve our residents with love and compassion.

Being able to care for others and contributing to their overall wellness means a lot to us. That is why we strive to create a positive impact on our residents through the wide array of services we offer. Assured Wellness Assisted Living Facilities aims to bring complete comfort and convenience when it comes to accommodating our residents’ needs. We serve people ages 20 and up. If you are interested about our services, here is a complete list below.

We are a licensed Assisted Living Facility through the Minnesota Department of Health. We accept Private Pay, CADI Waiver, TBI Waiver, and EW Waiver. To inquire about specific payment options, please call or email us.

Allow Us to Care For You!

If you need any of our care services, our assisted living facility is always open to serve you! Please reach out to us at your time of convenience.